Royal Pals Resort, a Doggie DayCare

A Premier Doggie Daycare Center Where Pets Love to Stay & Play!

What more could you want for your pup? Royal Pals Resort, at Goose Creek Pet Hospital, offers premium pet care. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Socialization
  • Arts & Crafts: bags with pet’s name and paw paint prints, photo ornaments and more!
  • Movie time/nap time
  • Outdoor activities including splash pools, lots of exercise, and more!
  • Spa days

How convenient is it to have your pet’s Dr. within seconds of any concerns or appointments. Do you have busy day and you can not break free for pick up after your pet’s groom? No worries, they can conveniently stay for daycare!

Come join us at Royal Pals Resort where your pet experiences royalty.

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