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About Goose Creek Pet Hospital

At Goose Creek Pet Hospital in Franklin, TN, we provide professional and compassionate veterinary services for dogs and cats. We have over 25 years of experience in treating the health care needs of pets, and we would like to make our services available to you and your companion animal.

In our modern facility, our highly trained veterinary care team provides vaccinations, dental care, diagnostic tests, emergency services, flea and tick treatment, and annual checkups. If your pet has arthritis, rashes, an unusual growth, or an injury, we can provide the treatment and medication required to bring it back to the best possible health. We also provide daycare, dog and cat boarding and pet bathing and nail trim services.

We extend our services to:

  • Dogs
  • Cats

We offer a full range of wellness care, dental and surgical services for pets, and we also provide laser light therapy, dermatology services, and diagnostic care including ultrasound and digital radiology. We have specialized care for elder, senior pets including non-invasive joint and spine care. In short, we have the skills, the equipment, and the experience to determine what ails your pet and to deliver the needed care your pet deserves.

Bring your beloved pet to Goose Creek Pet Hospital, and get the best care and treatment available in Franklin, TN. Our passion is caring for pets and their families.

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